Sunday, 3 April 2011

Visual Identity: Hypothetical Bottled Drink

What does it taste like?
"Teazze" (tea-zee) is a carbonated green tea drink. It tastes light, fizzy, refreshing and slightly fruity.

For whom is it designed?
This product identity is created with a clean/modern design theme in mind. Therefore, aside from the average green tea lover, Teazze will probably appeal most to younger design conscious and fashion forward city goers.

What sort of mood or feeling does it convey?
This drink is supposed to feel fun and refreshing, and healthy. I am aiming for an overall "clean" look. (Taste, design, label, etc.)

Whom do you get to pretend you are when you drink it?
You get to be whoever you want to be! Like traditional green tea, Teazze will be cleansing and refreshing. Drinking Teazze will help the consumer become the mellow, stress free person we all desire to be.

How do you get to pretend you feel when you drink it?
Calm and peaceful. Picture yourself among a mountain scape or a flowing river. This drink will take you to wherever that serene peace of mind may lay.

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